Off to a great start!

The past few weeks in the ceramics department have been very busy! We are starting to see self-portraits emerging from the sophomores, tile work from the juniors and a variety of work from the seniors. With mid-semester critiques quickly approaching, students are hard at work!

Here are a few sneak peaks at what some of our students in the department have been up to!

First up we have the sophomores. Kyle and Randi are pictured below working on their self portraits. They are getting their proportions down and their detail work started. Can’t wait to see these finished!

IMG_7493          Kyle Caris class of 2021

IMG_7471 Randi Bachman Class of 2022

Another project the sophomores are tasked with is learning how to sculpt figuratively. At the beginning of the semester they had the opportunity to sculpt from a live model and now they are free to explore their own figurative style. Em, pictured below, is working on her Cat Lady!

IMG_7480Em Gustavson class of 2022

Moving onto the Juniors. The semester begins with a concentration in tile work. They begin by exploring surface, pattern, glazing, and relief. They use these works to experiment, take risk, and work out ideas on a smaller scale for future projects.

Below are some exciting tiles coming out of Emma’s studio! follow her on Instagram to check out more of her work! @strawb.emma

IMG_7504Image by Emma Schulte class of 2021

Susan Flower shows the extensive glazing that happens during the Junior year! she shows how her test tiles become a resource for her and her studio practice. She has her own test of every shop glaze available in the department. Follow Flower on Instagram to check out more of her process. @effloret

IMG_7506Image by Susan Flower class of 2021

I would like to showcase two seniors in particular. Roberto Gomez a first semester senior and Erin Conyers a second semester senior are up to some pretty interesting things in their studios.

IMG_7445Roberto Gomez class of 2020

Roberto is pictured above working on his elsewhere project. On October 13th, he will put on a performance where he breaks the Piñata in order to let go of his past. I can’t wait to see this piece completed!

Lastly, I would like to talk about Erin. she has begun implementing paper making into her studio practice. She stated on her instagram that she is “finding a lot of similarities between paper and clay” she says that she is “fascinated by the similarities within the properties and the workability of the two materials.” I personally am really excited to see where this goes!  Check out Erin’s Instagram for more images like the one below. @erin.conyers

IMG_7505Image by Erin Conyers class of  2019

Stay tuned for more studio updates.