Ceramics Students Assist Artist Alida van Almelo at PLUG Projects


Slow Time, a recent exhibition at PLUG Projects in Kansas City, MO featured artists Alida van Almelo and Kevin Townsend.  They worked together to create new pieces within the space by responding to each other’s ideas and energy. Three ceramics department sophomores – Jada Patterson, Cydney Clark, Nicole McLaughlin – assisted Alida as she prepared for her raw clay installation. These students help roll out 800lbs of clay in just two days!

Van Almelo’s expansive installations are made of hundreds of pounds of unfired clay, rolled and placed in floorbound compositions that call to mind tidal patterns and the slow time of geographic change. Townsend’s wall drawings also rely on intense durational and physical presence, taking form in response to the space and exchange of energy between artist and work. 

– PLUG Projects


Detail of Alida’s installation @ Plug Project.

The show ran February 16th through March 17th.


Front to back: Sydney Clark, Nicole McLaughlin, Jada Patterson.