Annual Kansas City Terra Cotta Field Trip

Our ceramics department juniors took a field trip around Kansas City to check out some of it’s awesome terra cotta architecture.

As many of you know, Kansas City has a great history when it comes to ceramics. The students were amazed to see all the terra cotta living on the buildings right down the street from their homes and the Art Institute. As students progress in their wall supported tile works, taking this trip offered some inspiration on how they can use clay to actively interact in interior and exterior spaces. Students were able to touch the walls and see how clay can shape can their interpretation of entering a new space.

Here’s our juniors in front of the Scarrlitt Arcade in downtown KC:

From left to right: Amy Young, Shontaja Brown (thats me!) Lucas Latimer, Reagan Koepsel, Muriel Hansen, Erin Conyers, and Valentina Trindade