Issac Logsdon: 3 Years Later in the Ken Ferguson Collection Room


chile / pepper, Issac Logsdon, 2016


chile / pepper, Issac Logsdon, 2016

Issac Logsdon is a senior majoring in Art History and Ceramics, also working toward a Social Practice certificate. He has been employed in the ceramics department Ken Ferguson Collection room for six semesters. I interviewed him to learn about the time he’s spent working in the collection and how it has enriched his experience as a student in the ceramics department.

What is one of your favorite pieces in this room?

The Sasha Alexandria piece from Hungary. The folding of clay in the piece is a really good use of that material (Hungrian porcelain).


Sasha Alexanderia

Has doing your work study here helped you with your studio practice?

It has aided my interest in curation. Being here has given me the opportunity to design the collection displays and think about how pieces are seen together. This has also made me think more about the installation of my own art. I have been able to see and touch objects of ceramic history and that’s always great to be around.

Have you had any experiences you would like to hold on to?

When NCECA came to Kansas City I had a lot of fun setting up a show that would be seen by an audience outside of students. Even the small things – when pieces break, seeing how art appraisals and insurance claims work – interest me.

What advice would you give to future students?

Apply to as many things as possible! My work here in the collection room, my grants, my scholarships, all these things have happened because I continue to search and try new things. Even if it’s out of your reach, applying for opportunities allows you to reflect on your art outside of the studio.


Issac Logsdon in his studio space, April 2017