Converging Practices: Work from Ceramics and Painting Students Today

In October, senior Issac Logsdon and I worked with Dodge Gallery curatorial supervisor Mary Kuvet to put together a collaborative, juried exhibition of work by current ceramics and painting students. The show existed in two spaces: The Dodge Gallery, in the painting department, and the Ken Ferguson Teaching Collection, here in ceramics.

The individuals featured are Faviola Calymayor, Michael Cerv, Kimberly Chambers, Claire Dain, Paige Edson, Nandi Harrison, Bobby Haulotte, Jordan Hooper, Marina Kruger, Cesar Lopez, Kylie McConnell, Hunter Pace, Katie Pilmaier, Miranda Pratt, Laurena Roytberg, Maddie Scott, Abby Swaringam, Melissa Tychonievich, Tamara Walker, Tessy Wolford, Fazida Yathali, and Amy Young.


From left: Faviola Calymayor (junior, painting) and Hunter Pace (senior, ceramics)