Mid-semester Comes and Goes

Ceramics majors recently had mid-semester critiques, a reminder of how close we are to the final show. Cue the countdown!

Casey Whittier’s sophomores have been continuing to work on their self-portrait busts, and are taking on the next daunting project of building a larger-than-life fragment of their body.


Left to right: sophomores Caroline Stran and Shontaja Brown

Juniors in Paul Donnelly’s vessel curriculum are moving forward with their work from the initial theme of dinnerware, and are addressing issues such as functionality and the relationship between user and object. Students working with Cary Esser in the sculpture concentration are using various methods of tile-making to explore rich visual narrative.



Counter-clockwise from top: juniors Katie Pilmaier (vessel), Iliann Alvarez (sculpture), and JAD Reyes (vessel)

Seniors have been finishing up the Elsewhere Project, using it as an opportunity to expand their personal practice and build a deeper relationship with their work.


Senior Emily Souers


Senior Austin Bradshaw


Senior Kendall Hammond