Paul Donnelly does it all

PaulDonnellyFor the past three years, Assistant Professor Paul Donnelly has been working as an On-Site Conference Liaison for the 2016 NCECA Conference. This means that, in addition to being a full time teacher, Paul has also been working to brand and promote NCECA to the Kansas City community, organizing fundraising initiatives, and finding venues for exhibitions around the city.

The Kansas City Art Institute was able to be very involved with NCECA because it was held locally – students were volunteers, the department was open to NCECA attendees, and several students assisted Paul as interns and helped with the tasks associated with his position.

Paul was played a big part in making sure that the conference was a good experience for people who travelled to Kansas City and for locals alike, and he says that his position with the conference was beneficial for him as well. “Being involved has allowed me to give back to the community in a way that I couldn’t before,” he said. “It has also made me more connected with my own city, its thriving art scene and the individuals who care so much about creative environments.”

For more information on Paul and his position with NCECA, check out this board member bio!