Chromophilia and Chromophobia


From Chromaphilia – Bobby Silverman

The new KCAI Gallery, formerly the GrandArts building, opened this spring with Chromaphobia & Chromaphilia, two alumni exhibitions sponsored by KCAI and organized by the KCAI Gallery and Director of Alumni Relations and Development, Marcus Cain (’98 painting and printmaking).

Chromaphobia is guest curated by artist, business owner and KCAI alumna, Peregrine Honig (’98 painting and printmaking). Exhibiting alumni include Laura DeAngelis (’95 sculpture), Teri Frame (’05 ceramics & art history), Ben Harle (’12 ceramics & art history), Linda Lighton (’89 sculpture) in collaboration with Mark Southerland, Nathan Mabry (’01 ceramics), Nobuhito Nishigawara (’99 ceramics), Theodosia Pulitzer (’01 ceramics) andArmando Ramos (’99 ceramics).

Chromaphilia is guest curated by James Martin. Exhibiting alumni include Cary Esser (’78 ceramics), Christian Holstad (’94 ceramics), Kahlil Irving (’15 ceramics), Deborah Kupinsky (’99 ceramics), Roberto Lugo (’12 ceramics), Lauren Mabry (’07 ceramics), Bobby Silverman (’80 ceramics) and Joey Watson (’14 ceramics).

The Exhibition will be on view through June 3, 2016.


From Chromophilia – Joey Watson


From Chromophilia – Lauren Mabry


From Chromophobia – Armando Ramos