Mentors, Makers, and Milestones: Highlights of the Ken Ferguson Teaching Collection

As part of NCECA coming to town, the KCAI ceramics department opened its (newly renovated) doors and allowed visitors to come tour the studios, the new plaster and glaze lab, the kiln room, and a special display in the teaching collection. Issac Logsdon and I (Donut Goshorn) curated a display with Cary Esser and Paul Donnelly that would highlight a variety of different materials, processes, and alumni.

There was a huge audience – every day, people were constantly flowing through and talking to us about the work and the department. We were able to show a Michael Luby piece – a model of the ceramics department from the 70s –  and piece of Richard Notkin’s from when he was a student. Both works had been located in the KCAI collection housed at the H&R Block Artspace and are now permanently housed in the the Ken Ferguson Teaching Collection in ceramics. Some visitors were students from other schools or programs, some were artists from around the country – but the most incredible were the alumni, some from over 30 years ago, who came back to visit their alma mater. It was fantastic for Issac and me to be able to meet the people whose work we had been observing all the years we have been in the department – and they often had fantastic stories to tell. This really highlighted what the teaching collection is all about for me: the connections to history that we, as students, have access to learn from.

Below are some images from the display as well as a list of artists featured.


Artists included in Mentors, Makers and Milestones: Highlights of the Ken Ferguson Collection:

Akio Takomori, Allan Winkler, Allison Paschke, Amy Maser, Andrew Martin, Andy Brayman, Arnold Zimmerman, Ashley Starr ,Barbara Wendt, Ben Stout, Bernadette Curan, Cary Esser, Casey Whittier, Chase Travaille, Chris Gustin, Chris Staley, Clare Twomey, Clary Illian, Craig Rohner, Darcy Badiali, David Shaner, Demetre Keros, Don Reitz, Donna Polseno, Doug Casebeer, Emily Connell, Eric Nichols, Eric Wolever, Gabriel Reed, George Smyth, Hannah Blackwell, Hiromi Kanada, Howard Kottler, Irv Tepper, Jane Shellenbarger, Jeremy Cane, Jesse Small, Jessica Brandl, Jim Leedy, Jim Makins, Jim McKinnell, Joey Watson, Johanna Keeve, John Gill, John Reeve, Josh Deweese, Juan Carlos Ornelas, Julie Johnson, Justin Stewart, Kara Fosler, Kathinka Willinek, Kathy Magel, Keith Simpson, Ken Ferguson, Kevin Tweed, Korla Luckeroth, Kurt Weiser, Lauren Mabry, Louis Riskowitz, Lynn Smiser Bowers, Mandy Sheedy, Marilyn Lysohir, Mary Guthrie, Mary Louise, Carter Matt Long, Matthew Metz, Melanie Sherman, Michael Luby, Michelle Tobia, Molly Hatch, Nan McKinnell, Naoko Wowsugi, Nathan Mabry, Nathan Nuefeld, Nobuhito Nishigawara, Olen Cox, Patti Warashina, Paul Anthony Smith, Richard Hensley, Richard Hindes, Richard Notkin, Richard St. John, Robert Turner, Roberto Lugo, Rose Cabat, Ross Redmon, Ryan Kelly, Samantha Ferrer, Samantha Persons, Sara Sedgewick, Sasha Alexandra, Shae Bishop, Shannon Cross, Stan Welsh, Susan Mina, Suzan Cochran, Tara Polansky, Tara Wilson, Teri Frame, Travis Pratt, Valerie Staudenmayer, Victor Babu, Warren MacKenzie, Waseem Touma, Will Premen, Win Dan Lin