Emily Connell: Vade Mecum


Alumni Emily Connell (graduated 2012) has a solo exhibition opening at Kiosk gallery this Friday, March 11 through April 7th in conjunction with the NCECA conference.

Kiosk Gallery describes the work in the exhibition as “a collection of books that have undergone an alchemical conversion. Found reference books (encyclopedias, Bibles, dictionaries) are encased, page-by-page, in slip. Firing the books in a kiln transforms them into a reliquary shell, containing the ashes of the book within. Each piece is cut, revealing the cross section of the ceramic pages, and returning the book to an open, active state. Connell’s work is influenced by her upbringing in Catholic school, and the teachings of union with the Divine through desire and intuitive contemplation – beyond the limits of empirical knowledge.”

Many of the works were created on various trips to Hungary with George Timock, where Emily was able to experiment with various types of high-fire porcelain to achieve the delicate final sculptures that she will be showing at Kiosk.

There will be an artists’ reception on March 18 from 6-9 pm. Visit the Kiosk gallery website for more info about the NCECA reception and extended hours! For information about other exhibitions happening in their neighborhood during NCECA, as well as restaurant suggestions, visit www.kioskgallerykc.com/NCECA.