Lecture: Garth Clark at Belger Craneyard Studios


Garth Clark, image courtesy of cfileonline.org

Garth Clark visited Kansas City a few weeks ago to deliver a lecture very pertinent to the upcoming spring, with shows like Every Semester at the Belger Arts Center and NCECA approaching: he spoke on the art of collecting ceramics. He stated that “collecting is very personal,” and chose to talk about what is leading the field of ceramics today as a way of talking about what is being collected the most. Discussing artists and designers like Sudarshan Shetty, Francesca DiMattio, Jesse Wine, Beth Cavener, Albert Yonathan Setyawan, and Katsuyo Aoki, he outlined a trajectory in the ceramics field that is more weighted in the conceptual power of material and design.

Red Star states of the lecture:

Garth Clark is the Editor-in-Chief for CFile’s publishing projects, journal and news magazine. Irving Blum, the pioneering contemporary art dealer who launched Andy Warhol, Ken Price and Andrew Lord’s careers calls Clark “ceramics’ great clarifier.” The Mather Award jury of the College Art Association (Clark was the 2005 award winner) wrote that his writings “have shaped thought about the field of ceramics and indeed the field itself.” A hydra-headed force in the field, Clark has received many honors; Fellow of the Royal College of Art, London, several honorary doctorates and lifetime achievement awards, the “Art Book of the Year” award from Art Libraries Society of North America, medals from the Independent Publishers Association and others. He is author of over sixty books and several hundred reviews and essays.