Every Semester: Collecting KCAI Ceramics 1995-2015

The spring semester opened with one of the many shows coming to Kansas City for the NCECA Conference: “Every Semester: Collecting KCAI Ceramics 1995-2015″ at the Belger Arts Center. Organized and with selections by Cary Esser, professor and chair of KCAI ceramics, and with some help from Michael Baxley of the Belger Craneyard Gallery, this show features work from Kansas City Art Institute students that has been collected over the last twenty years. The show also features works by tenured and tenure track full-time faculty who have taught in the KCAI ceramics department since 1995, including Ken Ferguson, Victor Babu, George Timock, Cary Esser, Jane Shellenbarger, Paul Donnelly, and Misty Gamble. For a full listing of exhibitions in Kansas City affiliated with NCECA, click here.

Here are some images from opening night, featuring the artists and the collectors who have cared for these works over the years:


Long time collector Virginia Nadeau, with tile by Jessica Brandl (Class of 2006).


Pottery by Mariko Brown Harkin (right, Class of 2010). From the collection of Melanie Sherman and Philipp Eirich (Class of 2014).


Visitors Barbara Mullins and Spencer Thut-Mullins with sculpture by Keith Simpson (Class of 2010). Belger Collection


Collectors Jeff Schmidt and Clark Greenlee with art by Sebra Debrecht (Class of 2014).


Katelyn Gettner, Class of 2015. Collection of Phillip Eirich and Melanie Sherman


Artist Jennifer Renée Wilkinson (Class of 2014). Collection of Philipp Eirich and Melanie Sherman


Artist Christen Baker (Class of 2014) with her work in the Belger Collection.


Collector Catherine Futter with tiles by Korla Luckeroth Molitor (Class of 2009).


Artist Jasmine Dorau (KCAI Class of 2017). From the Ken Ferguson Teaching Collection at the Kansas City Art Institute


Cary Esser and Michael Baxley

Featured Student Artists: Lauren Adams, Sasha Alexandra, Christen Baker, Shae Bishop, Ariel Bowman, Jessica Brandl, Greg Burel, Emily Connell, Sebra Debrecht, Jasmine Dorau, Meg Flynn, Katelyn Gettner, Mariko Brown Harkin, Ben Harle, Meredith Host, Aly King, Roberto Lugo, Lauren Mabry, Nathan Mabry, Joel Mancina, Juan Carlos Ornelas, Korla Luckeroth Molitor, David Price, Katie Queen, Gabriel Reed, Morgan Ringer, Miguel Rodriguez, Cydney Ross, Melanie Sherman, Keith Whitecloud Simpson, Paul Anthony Smith, Michelle Tobia, Waseen Touma, Chase Travaille, Kevin Tweed, Jen Wilkinson.

Special Thanks to the following for lending student artwork from their collections: Belger Collection, Irene Bettinger, Tom Binger, Ron and Toni Cattelino, Mo Dickens and Cary Esser, Philipp T. Eirich and Melanie Sherman Collection, Ken Ferguson Teaching Collection at the Kansas City Art Institute, Catherine Futter, Pam and Gary Gradinger, Scott Long, Virginia and Richard Nadeau, Travis Pratt, Jeff Schmidt and Clark Greenlee