Visiting Artist: Simone Leigh

Simone Leigh doing a wood firing with KCAI students

Simone Leigh doing a wood firing

Simone Leigh, an artist who works with ceramics, sculpture, video, and installation, came to the Kansas City Art Institute for the Current Perspectives Lecture series. While she was here, she also led a wood firing through the H&R Block Artspace.

Simone delivered a lecture that revolved around the research that inspires her work. She talked about the histories of sites such as the Weeksville neighborhood in Brooklyn, organizations like “The United Order of Tents,” which is a clinic run by African American nurses, and people like Dr. Josephine English: the first African American woman to have an OB/GYN practice in the state of New York. She also screened one of her films, titled Breakdown, and gave us the unique oppurtunity to watch video clips from her inspiration as well, including Jeanne Dielman, Mary Hartman, Claire Barliant, and the American reality show Intervention.

Simone will return to Kansas City in late January to install her work in a show at the H&R Block Artspace titled “Simone Leigh,” on view February 6 – Marcy 26.

A still from the film

A still from the film “Breakdown” (2011) by Simone Leigh and Liz Magic Laser