Students intern with Andy Brayman

Andy Brayman,

Andy Brayman, “Spiral Vase with Drops,” image courtesy of The Matter Factory

This semester, Maggie Demeulmeester (senior) and Austin Bradshaw (junior) are interning with Andy Brayman, a local ceramic artist who slip casts CNC routed forms to create sculptural vessels, among other commissioned and collaborative projects. Brayman has been a pioneer of innovative processes in the ceramics community in many cities, but is now running The Matter Factory in Kansas City.

“It’s like a factory, but quirkier, because it’s a bunch of tools that he’s made to solve a problem,” Maggie said. “He’s not just making solutions for one situation, he’s also planning for the future and streamlining his entire process.”

Maggie explained that one of the most beneficial parts of the internship so far is Andy’s openness with his techniques and processes. “He talks to us about our work and helps us address problems in our own studio,” she said. “He said at the very beginning of the internship that he wanted us to get as much out of the internship as we could.”

Currently, Maggie and Austin are helping Andy with casting vase forms that were extremely popular during his most recent show at Haw Contemporary.