Resin Relics: Student Interns with Rain Harris

Rain Harris,

Rain Harris, “Primrose”
Porcelain, resin dipped silk flowers, vintage walnut, paint

This semester, senior Leah Nelson is interning with Rain Harris, a local sculptor. Leah is helping Rain prepare for several upcoming shows – including a show at the Belger Arts Center during NCECA 2016.

Leah’s favorite (and most frequent) task is helping Rain work with her solar resin. Because Rain is applying the resin to her flowers in a sculptural way, she needs the resin to set at a certain speed, activated by the sun as its catalyst. Leah says that all of these material qualities make the process feel like “painting in three dimensions.”

“I’ve used [resin] before but I’ve only ever casted with it,” Leah said, “but knowing more about it really opens up the possibilities of what I can do with it.”

Last semester, she used resin to adhere delicate ceramic objects inside of glass boxes, which she titled “Sap Boxes.” She is continuing to learn and think about ways to incorporate resin further because of her work with Rain.

Leah Nelson,

Leah Nelson, “Sap Box,” senior

Leah Nelson,

“Sap Box” detail