“Designing for Function”

Paul Donnelly, assistant professor in ceramics, recently worked with CeramicArtsDaily.org to create a video detailing various forming methods geared towards the creation of beautiful, functional ceramic works. CeramicsArtDaily.org is an online community serving the interests of ceramic artists, potters and sculptors, worldwide. They are dedicated to the vital sharing of information necessary for both innovation in the field, and preservation of knowledge that has been passed down from teacher to student, artist to artist, for generations. Paul Donnelly’s video, Designing for Function, is the most recent in the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents series, which details methods used by specific artists in their studio practices. Designing for Function follows Paul’s processes in relationship to his work, detailing his methods with wheel throwing, handbuilding, and using variable molds. Below is an excerpt from the video, in which Paul explains and demonstrates the process of trimming: providing helpful technical advice while discussing design possibilities.

More information and access to Paul’s video can be found here: http://ceramicartsdaily.org/bookstore/designing-for-function-with-paul-donnelly/

Other artists featured in these videos include A. Blaire Clemo, Lisa Orr, and fellow Kansas City ceramist, Meredith Host.