Senior Presentations: Margaret Kinkeade


Margaret Kinkeade, Photo from

Its the spring semester again, and seniors are preparing to give the annual presentations over their work from their time here at KCAI. This year we have the pleasure of welcoming Margaret Kinkeade to assist the seniors with their preparation. Margaret received her BFA  in printmaking from the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK, and recently received her MFA in ceramics from Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA. Her work contains, “impressions of time, trace, and memory explored through the use of clay and the object as vessel,” and as a maker she uses clay, “which has a memory all its own, to create objects that while referencing everyday objects are imbued with specific memories that live within each of us.” (Quote from Margaret’s Artist statement, found on!about/c66t). She has already begun her work with the seniors, who will be giving their presentations on March 11th and March 13th. Here’s good luck to these hard working students, and many thanks to Margaret for seeing them through this project!