Irma Starr Studio Visit

Kelsey , junior

Kelsey Kennedy, junior with Irma Starr

Earlier in the semester, juniors in the department had the chance to visit the studio of Irma Starr, a local Kansas City ceramic artist. While there, the students not only got the chance to view a professional studio set-up but also learned old English Staffordshire pottery techniques (particularly slip trailing). It was a beautiful afternoon, providing a relaxed and creative learning environment, as well as a bit of old fashioned fun!

Brittney Smith, junior

Juniors Brittney Smith and Kelsey Kennedy with Irma Starr

Maggie Demeulmeister, junior

Maggie DeMeulmeester, junior

Irma Starr slip trailing

Irma Starr slip trailing

Irma Starr (left) with juniors Maggie Demeulmiester and Melanie Johnson

Irma Starr with juniors Maggie  DeMeulmeester and Melanie Johnson

Melanie Johnson, junior

Melanie Johnson, junior