Reclaiming the Forgotten

Maret Miller, KCAI Ceramics Alumni, worked with three students over the summer to help the department reclaim glazes and clays that were forgotten or left behind. Hiromi Kanada, Allison King and Nathan Neufeld helped sort through all of the ceramic waste and mystery glazes, reclaimed it into categories based on ingredients and color, and began testing! According to Maret, “The various phases of the project included reclaiming dried out and unwanted clays, consolidating and mixing glazes, and firing tests made out of the materials to inform a large-scale projects in the future. The project required hard work and meticulous testing, but overall the group was surprised and inspired by the successful results. The student group is continuing to use these techniques in their individual studio practices, as well as educate their studio mates about reducing waste in the studio. The hope for the school year is to continue recycling unwanted material, as well as strengthen department policies to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the department.” They were successful in creating some interesting clays that can now be used and experimented with by current students. We are all excited to see the fruits of their efforts, and watch this new program grow as it helps us help the environment!


Nathan Neufeld, Maret Miller, Allison King and Hiromi Kanada (left to right) with the test results.