McKeown Grant Recipients 2014

The McKeown Special Project Awards were created to fund special artistic and research projects in the KCAI ceramics department. Students may apply for research-based travel or materials and supplies to support the creation of an otherwise cost prohibitive artwork. The application process mimics that of a professional grant, offering students skill-building experience in writing proposals as well as the opportunity to advance their work in studio and research.


Melanie Sherman

Melanie Sherman will purchase supplies for her installation in the end of semester show. Specifically, the grant will allow her to experiment with and use flocking fibers that will be placed on wallpaper in an adaptation of a traditional Chinese pattern.


Brandon Schnur

Brandon Schnur will travel to the Yellowstone National Park in Montana to observe and document the gray wolf for use in a multi-disciplinary installation."ULTRA cup with Zig Zag Straw," by Joey Watson 2013

Joey Watson

Joey Watson will purchase an electroencephalograph (EEG) device to assist in the production of a ceramic horn that will be used in a performance at the end of semester show.Christen Baker

Christen Baker

Christen Baker will purchase an anatomically correct life-sized skeletal model to assist in the production of porcelain bones which will be installed in an explosion style at the end of semester show.Sebra Debrecht

Sebra Debrecht

Sebra Debrecht will purchase materials to create two tiled textiles for the BFA exhibition. One textile will be made up of three-sided pyramidal tiles and the other will consist of four-sided star tiles, and both will be attached to a metal support structure.Jennifer Wilkinson

Jennifer Wilkinson

Jennifer Wilkinson will purchase glass, colored sand and acrylic sheeting to use in her installation for the BFA exhibition. The installation will consist of kiln-formed glass sculptures in an environment created by the colored sand.