Senior Elsewhere Projects, Fall 2013

All first semester seniors are required to exhibit/site/place a piece of work outside the ceramics department during the fall semester. The aim is to create a piece, installation, or project designed to work within a specific place, in which the physical characteristics and purpose of the place inform the work and vice versa.

Christen Baker

Christen Baker


Jen Wilkinson and Joey Watson

Jen Wilkinson took images of her ceramic sculptures and digitally printed them on fabric. The fabric was then sewn into two tee shirts and warn to various places.


Melanie Sherman

Melanie Sherman experimented with groupings of different objects in relationship to her pieces and documented the process by photographing the combinations of contrasting materials, textures, colors.  Her work investigates the visual context of a compilation of items which depict objects symbolic for excess, waste, and decay. They are evocative of death and the transience and futility of earthly achievements and pleasures. Inspirations for these photographs come from “vanitas”, still-life paintings from the early 17th century to the Baroque, where mortality is captured permanently in an arrangement of objects that give an illusion of permanence but are momento mori.

Sebra Debrecht, senior

Sebra Debrecht

Sebra Debrecht displayed her work outside, moving outside the context of a gallery or studio and into alternative conditions. She found that by documenting a piece draped over stairs, a bench, or on other art works, it evoked different meanings in each setting. This diversity provided a new perspectives about how the work interacted and/or manipulated these spaces and objects. It also allowed her to consider how my work could be represented in the 2-Dimensional realm via online or as a photograph.

Joey Watson

Joey Watson

Joey Watson says: “I wanted to fabricate a sandwich board that I could utilize for selling my ware. The mobility aspect was important because people tend to walk past static pottery stands, I wanted to be more of an entity that people noticed during the first friday artwalk. I used neodymium magnets to secure my cups to steel strips that I fastened to the sandwich board so they seemed to levitate. The magnets enabled me to remove the cups and put them back on without any hangups as people wanted to look at/handle them. Lastly I had a strip of LED’s mounted on the back of the sandwich so that the words “Joey Watson Art Crafts,” which I engraved into the acrylic, would illuminate and could be read as I ventured through the night.”