Omaha Field Trip!

The ceramics department students and faculty were fortunate enough to visit Omaha, Nebraska last month on an all day field trip. The students met at 6am outside the ceramics building and piled into a bus- miraculously, everyone made it! After a three hour drive we arrived at Jun Kaneko’s studio where we received an amazing tour from John Balistreri, a KCAI alum and professor at Bowling Green State University. While visiting the studio we were so lucky to have a visit from Jun and hear from him personally about his work. John showed us Jun’s many studios, including the spaces for designing opera sets and costumes, tile murals, and studios where his assistants build large closed forms. We also saw mammoth kilns and  storage areas with many beautiful, completed works. John shared with us his sculptures and 3D printing equipment. After lunch, we visited Bemis Art Center and toured Hot Shops with Tim Barry, the building manager and a KCAI alum. The students had a wonderful time and we are so thankful to all our wonderful hosts.

John Balistreri shows Jun’s current tile commission.


The ENTIRE Ceramics Department inside Jun Kaneko’s kiln.

Jun Kaneko and John Balistreri talking to the group.

John Balistreri in the 3D printing studio at Bowling Green State University.