Alumni News

Not only have our current students been busy, but many of the ceramics alumni have recent news regarding jobs and further educational studies.

Roberto Lugo, 2012, is now a graduate student at Penn State.

Roberto Lugo

Julie Malen, 2012, is attending Virginia Commonwealth University to continue her graduate studies.

Julie Malen

Wen-Dan Lin, 2011, is studying at Arizona State University.

Wen Dan Lin

Bowie Croisant, special status ’07-08, is now at Cranbrook.

Bowie Croisant

Eric Wolever, 2010, is a special status student at Illinois State University.

Eric Wolever

Ashley Morrison, 2010, is also a special status student at Colorado State in Ft. Collins.

Ariel Bowman, 2011, is participating in an eight month sculpture residency at the Armory in Florida.

Ariel Bowman

Tess Stilwell, 2010, just finished a residency at Watershed as the Salad Days Artist and is now doing a year long post-bac at the University of Houston.

Tess Stilwell

Ben Stout is a Fountainhead Fellow in the department of Craft and Material Studies at VCU.

Ben Stout

Scott Rosenberg just received his MFA from University of South Florida and is now working as an adjunct professor of ceramics at Lone Star College and as a studio director / teacher at Bazalel Art Studios and Gallery, Ministries of Magnificat Houses Inc. in Houston, Texas.

Scott Rosenberg

Teri Frame is currently a Teaching Fellow at Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin.

Teri Frame

Ben Harle, 2012, has been hired by KCAI Admissions as a Regional Coordinator.

Ben Harle

Margeaux Claude, 2011, is now the Sales Gallery Assistant at the Northern Clay Center.

In June Keith Simpson graduated with an MFA from Ohio State University and has now taken a position at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY as a Ceramic Technician.

Keith Simpson

Shae Bishop, 2012, has been hired at Crane Yard Clay in Kansas City. In October he will travel to Turkey to participate in a residency program at the Babayan Culture House.

Shae Bishop