Student Scholarships

Many students received scholarships to participate in wonderful programs this past summer.

Sasha Alexandra received a Schulman work-study scholarship to attend Penland School of Crafts where she participated in the Deborah Horrell and Tom Spleth workshop, Fork in the Road: Clay and Glass.

Sasha Alexandra and Tom Spleth, 2012

Shae Bishop, 2012 graduate, also received a scholarship to Penland, where he worked with Peggy Hart in Weave Structure Families. Since graduating, he has remained in Kansas City and is now working at Crane Yard Clay.

Shae Bishop with his weavings. Penland, 2012

Elina Jurado received a Partners Scholarship where she learned Altering Pots with Daniel Anderson.

Elina Jurado at Penland, 2012.

Brett Ginsburg and Cydney Ross both attended workshops at Anderson Ranch after receiving the Brooks Scholarship. Brett worked with Tyler Lotz- Cold Surface Alternatives. Cydney worked with Kim Dickey- Impossible Projects.

Brett Ginsburg, Anderson Ranch Workshop


Cydney Ross at Anderson Ranch, 2012.

Cydney Ross at Anderson Ranch, 2012.

Jen Wilkinson attended Arrowmont School on a Windgate Scholarship where she worked with Thaddeus Erdahl.

Thaddeus Erdahl Class, Arrowmont, 2012