Workstudy at The Ken Ferguson Teaching Collection Room

The Ken Ferguson Teaching Collection is an amazing opportunity for students in the KCAI ceramics department.  It is a place for students to handle and inspect work made by KCAI ceramic students, alumni, faculty, and visitors.  It is also an opportunity for a work study position.

Teaching Collection Room

Jen Watson, junior, is currently the student manager for the teaching collection.  Her job entails keeping the collection room and the ceramic pieces residing in it clean and organized.  Jen also has the opportunity to create exhibitions for the display cases and windows.  The current exhibitions focus on the new acquisitions received from Victor Babu, retired professor, last winter’s intersession glass class, and tea pots and pouring vessels.  Jen is also responsible for cataloging and labeling new acquisitions and, on  occasion, researching specific pieces within the collection.

Jen says that this work study position is exciting because she handles pieces by well-known ceramic artists like Richard Notkin and Kurt Weiser, but it is also stressful because she’s handling fragile ceramic objects.

Jen Watson with Keith Simpson Tea Pot

Jen Watson with her favorite piece, a Keith Simpson tea pot

Brett Ginsburg with Timo Fahler cup and saucer

Shae Bishop with one of his favorite pieces, a David Price Platter

Paul Donnelly with Robert Turner Lidded Container

Paul Donnelly with Robert Turner’s Jar