2012 McKeown Special Project Awards

The McKeown Special Project Awards were created to fund special artistic and research projects in the KCAI ceramics department. Students may apply for research-based travel or materials and supplies to support the creation of an otherwise cost prohibitive artwork. The application process mimics that of a professional grant, offering students skill-building experience in writing proposals as well as the opportunity to advance their work in studio and research.

The 2012 McKeown Special Project Awards were granted to seniors Ben Harle, Hank Hafkemeyer, Will Preman, Katie Long, and Shae Bishop.

Ben Harle  will  purchase equipment for incorporating light and water elements into his mixed media installations.

Ben Harle

Hank Hafkemeyer will buy machineable foam and wax materials for milling digitally generated forms on the CNC mill.  These will become prototypes for plaster molds, then ceramic castings.  Hank will also procure hydrographic film and a chemical activator  for coating his dimensional forms with digital images, which he will demonstrate during the course of the semester.

Hank Hafkemeyer

Hank Hafkemeyer

Will Preman will purchase a vinyl plotter with a pen attachment to draw and cut templates for use in developing new surface treatments for ceramic sculptures.

Will Preman

Will Preman demonstrating with the vinyl plotter

Katie Long will buy a variety of single color decal sheets.  She’ll use these decal sheets to cut and collage into designs on her pottery forms.

Katie Long

Shae Bishop will draw designs to print as silk-screened decals.  He’ll apply the decals to his tile and fabric clothing constructions.

Shae Bishop