Study Abroad in Hungary: Summer 2011

In May and June of 2011, George Timock led the seventh summer trip to the International Ceramics Studio in  Kecskemét, Hungary.  Students lived and worked in the studios, enjoying access to Herend porcelain clay and slip.  This material is very white and translucent.   There was instruction in industrial methods of forming, including the plaster wheel, and china paints.  Amazingly beautiful china paints and lusters can be procured in Europe.  In addition to the studio, students learned the history of Hungarian architecture, including beautiful ceramic ornaments made by the Zsolnay manufacturing company.  The group enjoyed field trips to the Herend porcelain factory, Budapest, Cesky Kromluv, a medieval town in the Czech Republic.  Here we are relaxing in Budapest after partaking of the baths.

Group picture while in Budapest on an architecture trip

Nick Missel working in studio


Maura and Shae stoking the wood kiln

Watching the wood kiln fire

Student work made while in Hungary:

Shae Bishop

Sasha Alexandra

Maura Wright