Internships are an important part of the KCAI ceramics department curriculum, offering students professional experience in the field.  Each semester many students participate in a variety of internships in Kansas City and elsewhere.

KCAI’s campus is bounded by the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.  These museums offer ample opportunities for exciting internships.

Currently, there are three ceramics majors interning at the Nelson.  Senior Ben Harle works with the exhibition lighting and design staff, designing pedestals for the upcoming, groundbreaking exhibition Inventing the Modern World: Decorative Arts at the World’s Fairs, 1851-1939Ben also recently assisted lighting for the current George Ault and Romare Bearden exhibitions.

Junior Maura Wright is interning with Catherine Futter, curator of decorative arts at the Nelson, and co-curator of the World’s Fair exhibition.  Maura is preparing information labels for this show, which opens in April 2012.

Senior Roberto Lugo is interning as teaching assistant for New Dimensions, an innovative educational program at the Nelson.

At the Kemper, Cydney Ross is assisting the museum educator, helping to develop and program workshops, lectures and events. Cydney also helped with artist Jeanne Quinn‘s installation at the Kemper Crossroads space and helped prep Teri Frame‘s performance, Lavatar’s Animals.

Cydney Ross helping Teri Frame

In Kansas City, there are many local artist’s studios, galleries, and other art institutions where students can intern and prepare for the real world.

Red Star Studios is lucky to have Sasha Alexandra as their intern.  She is working with the gallery space,  learning what it takes to run a gallery – from packaging artworks for shipping, to corresponding with exhibiting artists about upcoming shows.

Will Preman is interning with artist Andy Braymen.  Will helps Andy slip cast objects and make molds.  He is learning to use 3-D modeling software programs  and how to trouble shoot some of the technical problems that arise with this process.

Joseph Hutchins and Nate Salvin are working with artist Rain Harris, helping create her commercial line and her fine art sculpture.  They are learning what it takes to make a living as an artist.

Jordon Kern teaches art to preschool children in her internship at Children’s Song, a Lifeways Program inspired by the teaching of Rudolf Steiner.

Dean Roper is interning with artist Meredith Host.  He helps apply decals for Meredith’s commercial line, foldedpigs, and decorate her Dot Dot Dash dinner ware sets.

Molly Ryan is interning with artist Misty Gamble, helping Misty prepare work for an upcoming Exhibition  at the  Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art gallery.

Maret Miller interns at the American Jazz Museum. She assists with curatorial tasks, records and edits video, and designs print for the museum’s promotional materials.