Visiting Artists: Richard Notkin and Jeanne Quinn

This week Richard Notkin and Jeanne Quinn have visited KCAI.  The ceramics department juniors and seniors were lucky to have one-on-one critiques with these talented and intelligent artists.

Richard Notkin‘s exhibition will open on October 6th, at the Belger Arts Center and Red Star Studios, and will run till December 31st.  The show includes large scale tile works, his signature teapots, and miniature, highly detailed objects.

Richard Notkin, Heart Teapot: Hostage/Metamorphosis IV - Yixing Series

Richard Notkin, The Last Syllable of Recorded Time

Jeanne Quinn: Ceramics In(ter)ventions will be on show at the Kemper at the Crossroads Gallery from this Friday through Janurary 6th 2012.

Jeanne Quinn, A Thousand Tiny Deaths

Jeanne Quinn, All That Is Still Melts Into Air