Harmony Chapman, senior

Ariel Bowman, senior

Lora Campbell, senior

Shae Bishop, junior

Jacob Oftedahl, sophomore

Jen Watson, sophomore

The fall 2010-11 semester flew by and everyone worked hard for the end of semester show.  Sophomores, juniors, and seniors all had been planning and imagining how their own work would be on display since the beginning of the semester.  Finally seeing all our plans and drawings of our plans come together for a noteworthy show rewarded all involved.   We said goodbye to Hannah Blackwell, Mariko Brown, Harmony Chapman, Courtney Cox, Ryan Fletcher, and Tess Stilwell, who were our six graduating seniors.

The exhibition name, (Re)Action, was inspired by the H&R Block Artspace’s (Re)Form, a showcase of KCAI’s ceramic alumni. Displayed at overlapping dates, the two exhibitions enhanced the other through the dialogue created between past and current students.