Lay of the Land

George Timock, Hungarian Herend Porcelain, Vessel FFF 2009 8.75"x 8"

Cary Esser, Topo 1, glazed fritware 7.75" x 23.25"x 21"

Paul Donnelly, Vase & Bowl, 2010, Oxidation fired porcelain, wheel thrown

Cary Esser, George Timock, and Paul Donnelly showed current work in Lay of the Land, September 3 through October 30, 2010 at Sherry Leedy Contemporary ArtMisty Gamble and Victor Babu each exhibited one piece for our visual pleasure.  It was a joy to see the work by KCAI faculty, past and present, in the same gallery space.  The exhibition was quite a fine way to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Kansas City Art Institute.

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