X-Factory: Fall 2009 Exhibition

With the snow the semester’s end brought the exhibition we were all working towards so diligently. Finally after all of the testing, the forming, the planning, the thinking and all of the firings we got to see our work presented in a gallery setting. It’s always amazing to see our work spaces transformed! Here’s a little peek to share with you.

Tess Stilwell, Junior

Shae bishop, Sophomore

Rob Lugo, Sophomore

Mihwa Im, Senior

Mariko Brown, Junior

Ariel Bowman, Junior

Laura Blumenberg, Senior

Barrett Leary, Senior

John Chy, Senior

Paul Smith, Senior

Eric Wolever, Senior

Lora Campbell, Junior

Matthew Jorgensen, Senior

Ben Harle, Sophomore

Emily Connell, Sophomore

Harmony Chapman, Junior

Melissa Lind, Senior

Kara Fosler, Senior