A Glimpse of Studio Life

To be completely honest, it is very hard to describe life as a ceramics student at the Kansas City Art Institute. A day usually begins with coffee to perk up from the long day before and get a fresh start to what lays ahead. Then, many hours will be spent laboring over the objects that you cannot help but love to create. By signing up it as if you are locked into a contract to devote most, if not all of your time to pursuing the ever growing relationship with making objects. The people who do not sign this internal contract unfortunately usually fade out. The rest grow strong with ceramic knowledge and establish a hardy work ethic.

One of the things that I appreciate the most from my time spent within the ceramic department walls is the drive and force that is installed within you, which begins in your first semester spent with sophomore instructor George Timock.  This vitality,  that formulates itself into a strong work ethic, can then be applied to everything you do. No matter what we do beyond here we will carry it with us.


Matthew Jorgensen, Junior


Barrett Leary, Junior


Ashley Morrison, Junior