ArtStream visits KC!

On March 14 the ArtStream Nomadic Gallery made their first stop on their 2008 NCECA exhibition tour at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. It was a great opportunity for students to see and handle work from potters who work in a variety of styles. For more information about the ArtStream, visit their website at

Chillin’ outside the ‘Stream… (L to R: Ben Stout (KCAI Ceramics Alumni, 2006), Steven Colby, Christa Assad (KCAI Ceramics Special Instructor, 2007-08), and Cary Esser (KCAI Ceramics, Professor & Chair)

(Christa arranges a display of her pots inside the ArtStream)

(Ceramic students checked out work from sixteen different artists on display in the ArtStream)