Artist On-Site Demonstrations

On February 14th, the Epsten Gallery at Village Shalom presented Artists On-Site. An afternoon of ceramic wheel-throwing and slip casting demonstrations with artists Brock DeBoer, Gabriel Reed, and Tyra Forker. Brock and Gabriel are both 2007 alumni from KCAI’s ceramics department. Tyra is currently a senior in the ceramics department and the current author of this blog!


(above: Marcus Cain, Epsten Gallery Curator [and KCAI painting dept. alumni] shows Village Shalom residents plates by Brock DeBoer)

The demonstrations were held in conjunction with the exhibition Remembering Beauty: The Ceramic Work of Victor Babu. The three of us set up mini-studios in the social hall at Village Shalom. The audience arrived before we had even finished setting up! We introduced and explained specific techniques we each use in our own work, as well as materials and tools for creating wheel-thrown and press and slip mold processes. Each of us displayed finished pieces of our work before and during the event to help the event attendees understand the process of ceramics from wet clay to fired and finished pieces.  This was a great experience for future demonstrations.


(above: Brock Deboer and Gabriel Reed demonstrate throwing and slip casting techniques)


(above: Brock DeBoer makes a final pull on a cylinder, soon to become a pitcher.)


(above: Tyra Forker finishes a row of scallops and ruffles on a freshly thrown vase.)