Ceramics Department BFA Graduates 2007

What are these folks up to since graduation?  See below for updates and photos of Senior work from 2006-07 …
Brock DeBoer: Mr. DeBoer has landed himself a very exciting commission from the Kauffmann Foundation in Kansas City. He is making one hundred, six-piece dinnerware sets, and in preparation has acquired kilns and set himself up a working space in a studio on Charlotte Street.


Connie Griffith: One of the post-baccalaureate assistants at KCAI, Connie also taught the summer continuing education classes in clay for children.


Erika Hamlett: Erika has recently moved into a space at J.Bird studios in Kansas City, KS, a combination gallery and working studio owned by KCAI ceramics alum Jori Cheville.


Zeke Henry: All around craftsman, Zeke has landed himself an awesome position as a carpenter in the wood shop of El Dorado Architects in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.


Jo Kamm: Jo has left for Hungary once again. Invited to a symposium at the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemet, Jo will make work on a theme titled “Air”. From there he will travel to Denmark with thanks to the Lighton International Artists Exchange program grant he recently received. Before heading off to Europe Jo moved home to Philly where he started his own basement studio, obtaining a couple of electric kilns and maintaining a stream of slip-cast ware. Shown below is a computer generated form Jo made on the Rhino imaging program he learned last year.


Amy Lenharth: The first on our list of grad school all-stars, Amy has uprooted and moved to Lawrence, Kansas where she is attending Kansas University as a freshy grad student.


Lauren Mabry: Gone off to study with contemporary potter Sanam Emami, Lauren is spending the year as a special status student at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.


Andrea Martin: American pimp expert has gathered all her bling and booked it to Britain. Andrea Faith Martin, as we know her, is tackling graduate school at Central St. Martin’s in London. One of her professors is former KCAI visiting artist and ceramic designer Anthony Quinn, who resides in London with his wife Claire Twomey, another outstanding artist whom some of ceramics students became acquainted with in Hungary during the summer of 2005.


Travis Pratt: Finishing up his time at KCAI this semester, Travis is preparing for a solo exhibition in Kansas City which opens first Friday in January at The Late Show, located at 16th and Cherry.


Alee Ruelke: Recently returning to Kansas City from an internship at Greenwich House Pottery in New York City, Alee has assumed one of the post-baccalaureate positions at KCAI, along with Connie Griffith, and is the current blogger extraordinaire of this site.


Daniel Teran: After his trip to Ecuador, Daniel has begun his residency this fall at The Watershed Center for Ceramic Art in Maine.dan_7.jpg


Judy Wang: Currently living in Kansas City, Judy is in the process of planning her participation in a workshop of Seven Emerging Women Artists back home in Oregon.


Robert Wetherington: Another one of the folks shipping off towards graduate school, Robert has gone off to Cranbrook Academy of Art, whose alumni includes our own adored George Timock.


Tyler Beard: Our honorary member of the 2007 senior class, special status student Tyler Beard is a first year graduate student at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where his whimsical ways are still intact.